Sportscast Media employs 130 announcers, 2 producers and 10 engineers to assist in producing nearly 1,500 events each year! 

About Us

They know the students, the school, the community and tradition....


We train announcers from your community to call the games....

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Ask yourself "If I couldn't make the game and this free service was available, would I listen?"

April 2014

Sportscast Media expands to include three other schools. 


January, 2015

Sportscast Media now broadcasts sports for 10 schools. The rest of 2015 would prove to be busy. Before the end of the season the network would include six more schools. Three more would be added in 2016, bringing the total to 20 schools as part of the network.


Sportscast Media remains an innovator in the field of broadcast high school sports. We have a unique business model that serves a purpose. We are the future of high school sports broadcasting and currently broadcast for 23 schools, including one college.

  • Create awareness about your school's academics, athletics, booster clubs and facilities.
  • Reconnect with alumni who may be potential contributors to your various fundraisers.
  • Interest in your sports program brings people to the games. Where would the Cubs and Cardinals be without radio?
  • There is never a cost to the school or listener. We provide equipment, website and training.
  • You are bringing a wonderful community service to your fans. 
  • We are hands-on. We monitor each game to make sure there are never sound problems or issues. 
  • We also offer free customer support. Anytime your listeners have a question or need help, we will be happy to help them with any listening problems. Our assistants are there to help your fans.
  • School administrators are duty-free when it comes to our broadcasts. We are inclusive and handle everything.

January 28, 2012

The first broadcast is a basketball game between Mediapolis and Pekin. The broadcast attracts 51 listeners.

November 2012

A post-season football game between Mediapolis and BonDurant-Farrar attracts 2,244 listeners. Five-hundred are from the BonDurant-Farrar fan base who couldn't make the three hour trip.